Our Complete Service Offering

Are you ready to activate your AWESOMENESS?


Social Media Coaching

It’s no secret that Social Media is a permanent staple in our lives. Together, we will create a strategy to gain exposure, and use your “likeness” throughout high school to build your brand. You will look like an absolute professional who is prepared to play at the next level.

Web Design

Our team begins by building you a custom website that highlights your AWESOMENESS! This provides coaches with a deeper insight into who you are and what you have to offer their program!

Resume Building

As a busy student athlete, procrastination is not something you can afford. Weekly check-ins to track your academic and athletic successes throughout high school and college are key to staying on top. We won’t miss a beat!


Are you a club owner looking to expand on your services? Our team can put together a complete marketing strategy to build your brand and increase revenue. Kara Hill and her team have increased the bottom line at clubs by over $450,000! If you want to become the next premier club, or you are a premier club looking to stay on top, we can provide the tools and guidance to help you stand out!

Recruiting Guidance Counseling

We begin by offering a consultation to a family via Skype or FaceTime to get an understanding of your needs. During the consult, we discuss your athlete’s goals and what they are looking for in their college experience. The initial meeting is about 45 – 60 minutes at length. Kara offers an athletic evaluation following the meeting to offer suggestions on potential programs which may be an athletic, academic, financial, social, and geographic fit.


Whether your athlete is faced with not getting playing time, an injury, when to take an unofficial or official visit, making phone calls and deciding on a program, Kara works side by their side to offer support and guidance throughout the recruiting process.


Our AWESOME clients are provided hand-holding service to ensure they remain on task and stand out from the competition. It’s an emotional journey, why not have the nation’s leading college recruiting expert by your side?

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