Why build a brand as a student athlete?

Why build a brand as a student athlete?

As I have ventured into new territory of building brands for my athletes, clients are asking why? Let me begin with saying nothing is handed to you in life. It’s a harsh reality! In life, you have to work for everything. You have to make things happen! You are the CEO of your own company: You Inc.

Building a brand is about embracing your talent! Your personal brand gives you permission to be yourself and it will minimize your weaknesses. This does not mean self promoting. Having a personal brand forces you to not only be true to yourself, but be mindful to how people respond to you.

So why is building a brand as a student athlete important? You want to manage your image so coaches, employers, and people around you take you seriously. You can define how a coach or employer will benefit from recruiting or hiring you? Look at it as a trademark.

If you are an athlete going through the recruiting process building your brand allows a coach to take a closer look at your assets. Being authentic gives a coach a deeper insight into who you are and what you can offer his/her program. The goal is to show your personality and to be creative! You need to stand out from the competition, and guess what? It won’t just end with successfully getting recruited to play a sport in college. This same logic applies to people finishing college. As you are looking for internships and researching careers, having a brand will better position you for success in the marketplace.

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