Why Ask Kara Hill?

Why Ask Kara Hill? I’m Kara Hill, and I love what I do! (And volleyball. And TMZ. Shhh!) 

I’m so grateful you are here, and you are actually reading this post! It means either you are a student athlete looking to create a brand, or you are a parent of a student athlete who would love to create a brand! Either way, I couldn’t be more stoked to share my services with you!

Over the course of the last several years, I have had the opportunity to guide hundreds of student athletes through the recruiting process. It’s been an amazing journey and truly an honor to see My Recruiting Solutions grow! Throughout this adventure, I became surprised to see so many young women completely overwhelmed, stressed out, and looking for someone to validate their talent. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I am really not a feminist. However (you knew the “but” was coming) it became apparent that teaching these athletes to think like an entrepreneur was my calling; to approach every aspect of their life with a new mindset, and clearly defined goals.

You may be wondering why you need a brand. Personal branding is about embracing your talent and determining what someone thinks of you. A personal brand allows you to control how people perceive you. Have you “Googled” your name yet? It may seem strange to think of yourself as a brand in the same context we see Coca Cola, Apple, or American Express. After all, you are a person not a product. Establishing a reputation of being accountable, compelling, and relevant is necessary to avoid being passed up! College coaches and recruiters do not always pick the most talented players or candidates. Often they choose individuals who stood out through authenticity, likeness, passion and desire to be a part of a program!

Inspiring athletes to take ownership of their future, become empowered, and create a brand is what I have set out to accomplish. This is what lead to the evolution of AskKaraHill. I’d love to work with you! Thanks for stopping bye. Don’t be shy, say hello and let me know what you think 🙂

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